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    Visitor Attendance info for game at Armstrong HS Wed, 2/2

    Cub Foods Bagging

    Players will be scheduled to volunteer to bag groceries at Cub Foods Blaine (near 65 and Main St.) in 2 hour shifts on Saturday, January 29th between 10am-4pm. More details will be provided closer to that day.

    February Booster Meeting

    The next basketball booster meeting is Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 at 6:30 pm at Blaine High School, Room SW170.

    Park near and enter through Door #2, Room SW170 is up the stairs and to the left.

    All Team Meals

    All team meals have been scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 1 and Thursday, Mar. 3 at the BHS cafeteria immediately following practice on those dates (5pm).

    Kwik Trip Cards Fundraiser

    Support Blaine HS Boys Basketball through the purchase of Kwik Trip Car Wash Cards. More details in the document below.

    If you missed the 12/14 deadline, an additional order will be placed in February 2022. More details will be provided as we get closer to that date.

    Game Schedules

    Please go to the Northwest Suburban Conference website for team game schedules  at

    As dates and times may change, this site will provide the most current game information. 


    Tickets for Blaine Boys Basketball home games may be purchased online at This is the preferred method to purchase tickets.

    Tickets sales start at 5:30pm for home games. Anyone entering before 5:30pm should not have to pay.

    Important Dates

    Last Day of Section Play

    March 19

    State Tournament

    March 23-26

    Live Streaming on YouTube

    Live streaming of the boys basketball home games will be available for the games on the main court (typically 9A, JV and Varsity) through the Bengal Athletics YouTube channel at

    Thrivent Members

    Click HERE to learn how to direct your Action Team money to Blaine Boys High School Basketball. If you choose to direct Action Team money to the basketball program, please contact our Booster Fundraising Coordinators.

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    Sometimes there are glitches with the system depending on how your SportsEngine account is set up.  If there are issues with receiving emails please click on the blue "need help?" box on the right side of the screen, and send a message to Sportsengine.

    Subscribing to a Team Calendar:
    ~ On your smartphone or tablet, go to the team page for which your player is rostered (do not go to the app to subscribe to the calendar, it isn't working)
    ~ Click on the ical button to the bottom right of the calendar
    ~ Once you click on the ical button a new webpage will open and you will be provided a link at the bottom of the page. "Select All" the link provided, then click "Copy"
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    ~ When it gives you the option to VIEW EVENTS do so to confirm you were successful at subscribing to the calendar. 

    Upcoming Events Calendar not Showing all Events?
    1. Click on View All on the bottom of the Upcoming Events calendar on the Home page.
    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on SHOW TAG MENU (black button on lower right)
    3. Verify that all of this year's teams, and Upcoming Events, are checked.