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End of Season Banquet Canceled

In adherence to the CDC and various government recommendations for social distancing and group limitations to combat the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we will be canceling the high school boys basketball end of year banquet scheduled for Sunday March 29th.  Although it is extremely disappointing to cancel this event and the opportunity to celebrate our players, canceling is the prudent and necessary step to take.

The coaching staff has indicated they will find time before the end of the year to meet with the team to recognize players, pass out gifts and awards and close the season out properly.  The timing, location and opportunity for parent involvement will be determined as soon as appropriate. The coach will stay in contact with the players through HUDL and the boosters will work with the coaching staff to help communicate to parents.  We will plan to shred all checks received for the event. Please contact Kim Larsen @ by Monday March 23rd if you do not want your check shredded and provide alternate instructions.

We want to thank all the parents that volunteered time and resources this year to the various booster events and fund raising activities.  Please watch your email and check the website for various updates including team meeting and  upcoming board meeting dates.   Thank you.


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Click HERE to learn how to direct your Action Team money to Blaine Boys High School Basketball. If you choose to direct Action Team money to the basketball program, please contact our Booster Fundraising Coordinators.

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